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Evrim D. Çakir, Professional Photographer.

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Seeking a position as a Photographer where I can contribute my diverse skills and creative instincts within a dynamic environment.


1996 - 2000

Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, Georgia
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography and Advertising, May 2000.


Professional Experience:

Burning Man, San Francisco, CA.
Freelance Photographer: Contributing Photographer for the Burning Man Calendar. Photographer for the restoration of Doobie Lane historical site. Event Photographer for annual Flambé Lounge event. Material Cultures photographer, documenting artifacts for Burning Man archives.


5/02 - 7/03

Ritz Camera, Oakland CA.
Store Manager: Responsible for selling cameras, equipment, and film sales. Also responsible for maintaining files and paperwork, work orders, schedules and inventory.


6/00 - 02/02

Marietta Daily Journal and Neighbor Newspapers, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia
Head Photographer: Responsible for shooting, digitally enhancing and editing all photos for two weekly newspapers. I took portraits of places, individuals, and events according to prearranged appointments, giving special attention to preserve local interests and memorable ways that are unique to Atlanta.


9/01 - 6/02

Look-Look, Inc. Fashion Marketing Company, Hollywood, CA.
Freelance Photographer: Production of 50 monthly shots for this trendy company. These monthly collections are produced within personally designed settings and with particular attention to colors and whimsical details.


12/99 - 06/01

Atlanta City Magazine, Atlanta, Georgia
Freelance Photographer: Responsible for setting up and shooting definitive photographs, capturing soft details of historical interiors, such as restaurants and other local and regional businesses, and portraits of regional and national political figures and local entrepreneurs.


9/99 - 12/99

Atlanta City Magazine, Atlanta, Georgia
Photography Intern:
Gained valuable training and experience in photography in appraising scenes, recording movements, capturing close range of details, and maximizing depth of field.


9/99 - 10/99

Atlanta Greek Festival 1999, Atlanta, Georgia
Freelance Photographer:
Commissioned as the exclusive event photographer to capture performance and portrait shots for the Annual Atlanta Greek Festival. This collection of motion photography tailors places, positions, movements, and expression to specific space and time. A series of them are printed in the Atlanta Greek Festival Collections (1999).


9/97 - 05/99

School Store of Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, Georgia
Cashier: Assisted students and faculty in sales of photographic equipment, paper, and supplies. Responsible for inventory and stock control. Developed wide knowledge of cameras and media.


10/96 - 5/97

Wolf Camera, Atlanta, Georgia
Sales Representative: Responsible for film developing and printing processes.
As a Sales Representative I counseled and advised customers in their purchases of photographic equipment and for improving and individualizing their photographs.
As an Assistant to Inventory Control Manager, I maintained the inventory of cameras, equipment, and films.


7/95 - 8/96

Town Journal, Allendale, New Jersey
Photojournalist: Researched and prepared an opinion column concerning local social, political, and/or economic issues for this weekly newspaper.
Worked as corresponding photographer as well as on-site reporter for shooting numerous subjects for articles for weekly print.


Volunteer Experience:
9/96 - 8/99

High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia
As an Assistant Curator I worked helping setting up the artwork for the High Museum.
Produced brochures and fliers in the advertising office.
As a hostess during opening nights for exhibits, greeted and assisted distinguished patrons.


9/95 - 9/96

Ramapough Mountain Indian Tribe Pow-Wows, Mahwah, New Jersey
Responsible for taking photographs for tribal Pow-Wows.
Set up and shot photos of Native American rituals, dance performances, competitions, various Native American Tribal participants, Native American artists and their projects, and guests.


5/94 - 5/96

Love Match, North Bergen, New Jersey
This nationwide volunteer program works with disabled youth.
Assisted in positive skill and habit development in young disabled people.
Counseled them to gain self-confidence for achieving better relationships with their immediate surroundings.



Lady Fest 2002, San Francisco, California
Gallery shows for selected women artist in the bay area. Artwork shown in 2 different galleries

Femme Potens, San Francisco, California
Photographs shown for a month in a club. Photographs included females in black and white series

Atlanta College of Art, Gallery 100, Atlanta, Georgia
A month long gallery exhibit 50 pieces of artwork containing travel photography, portraits, and black and white series.

Kimbo's Art Gallery, Fayetteville, Georgia
One month exhibit of various works from my portfolio: Depicting travel photos of Turkiye, creating third dimension, to draw the viewer's eye into the photographs by incorporating landscapes.

Fisher- Lee Coffee House, Fayetteville, GA
Four-month exhibit from my collections of travel photography, historical architecture, and local scenery from pastoral Atlanta.


Photography Skills:

Darkroom/Lab: Manual and machine processing, negative film using, C-41, E-6, and B/W processes. Wide, medium, and 35mm formats.

B/W Photography: Shooting/developing contact sheets, prints, dodging, burning, toning, split filtering, combination printing, and hand coloring.

Color Photography: Shooting/developing print and slide film, contact sheets, dodging, burning, color correction, and copy work of two-dimensional artwork for slide portfolios, including shooting, masking, and labeling.

Digital Photography: Converting traditional film, slides, and prints to digital files. Color correction, digital editing, image manipulation, and printing files.

Alternative Processes: Non-silver, Polaroid Emulsion Transfers, Toning, and Pinhole Photography.

Archival Processes: Framing, mounting, and matting for gallery exhibits.

Retail Photography: Experience in industrial and commercial photography.

Travel Photography: Closely focusing on distinctive features and surroundings, as well as utilizing domestic touches.

Architecture Photography: Emphasizing the sense of depth and distance and incorporating intricate structures as graphic components of architectural frames.

Interior Photography: Attention to natural and artificial light, picking up colors that the eye cannot see.

Portrait Photography: Setting up for a range of subjects from adults to children.



Experienced in both Macintosh and Microsoft systems..
Proficient in Adobe Photoshop 7.0.
Experienced in Illustrator and Quark Express.
Experienced in Microsoft Office Suite.



Fluent in English, Turkish.
Conversational French.

All photographs property of Evrim D. Cakir Copyright ∞